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the spirit

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Hand, keeps sketching something that it desires to do. It is actually nothing special or extraordinary about it. It is just a word block copy, but in a hand writing version. Swiftly, something punched the clock. I come to digest it fully. I do really have a hook in sketching or doodling or something in copying fonts. A curiosity filled over the chest. I felt like thirst in knowledge.  Questions kept breezing in. As I do really interest in history subject, the head kept challenging my inquiry. How the Renaissance people could rise up their curiosity? How they could reopen their golden era after the Rome and Greek were destroyed? How the curiosity could over whelm them? How they could have a thought about it? It could be more than millions questions if I want to list it. This world would run out of trees, because of the listed questions.
All question, brought me into silliness. It knocked me to make a deeper investigation about it. It dragged me to be a part of educators. Seriously, if there is a fairy that could grand me a wish, I wish to be the first-class history teacher ever. You know why? Students always sleep in history class. By the reason of, the history class is boring. As a teacher, we must influence students to love our teaching, our subject, and the most important element, ourselves. If we treat them badly, they will treat us as bad as we treat them. That is how the life circulating?
So now, I will tell you what type of teacher I will be in the future. First and foremost, I will form strong relationships with my students and show them that I care about them as my own family. Great teachers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. Teachers with these qualities are known to stay after school and make themselves available to students and parents who need them. Nowadays, teachers did not show their care and love to the students. They always put their attention to the excellent students only, while the others are abandoned. I will put a high expectation to all students. I did not put the blame entirely on them. I knew that everyone has their own thinking on what they observe. For me, everyone can change. The difference is the period that it will take. So, we must keep our enthusiasm in teaching. Yet I am not a teacher now, but I will keep myself working hard to be a teacher someday later. Just let the time tells it.
This future teacher will master of her subject matter. I will exhibit expertise in the subject I am teaching and spend time continuing to gain new knowledge in my field. I will present material in an enthusiastic manner and fulfil a hunger in my students to learn more on my own. As I wish to be a history teacher, I will make sure that I can answer all of my student’s questions. If I could not answer their question, I will search the answer for it. I will not let them wondering an unanswered question. This method can help their development in the subject. Most of teachers today, didn’t care much about their students question. They just want to teach the students what the syllabus had set for them. Some students love to discover more then what they need. As a teacher we must give a support to them, not letting them down. This value often ignored by the teachers. This situation often makes students lose interest in the subject. The main cause is, the teacher. As a result, the student will not abandon the subject, and failed in it. so, we must be a good one, to attract the students to our subject.
I will try to be on their feet. I knew that almost students will sleep in class because of bored and tired. When I told my friends and cousins that I want to be a history teacher, they stuck like had been cursed as Si Tanggang. Then, their words are the same, “you will finish, girl. All of your students will sleep in your class. Didn’t you know that history subject is some kind of the most boring thing in this entire life! You should try another better job, dear.” Look, all of these perspectives come overwhelm me. But, it will never knock me down. They said that the subject is boring because the teacher didn’t know how to influence students to love the subject. A pop of idea delivered to my mind after I found a site that only emphasized certain areas only and it is very comprehensive and overall. As an example, I found a site about Renaissance. All in the site is only about that age. It revealed all the secret of that era. From it’s opening, leadership, civilization, until the end of that age. It is some kind awesome. If I can be a teacher someday, I will bring that site to my students. I will not teach them just by the book. I will try to bring an enjoyment to them with visually effective ways. I will make learning is fun. I will show them that learning is something fun. This is what teachers always forgotten about. It might bring too much hard work, but as long as it brings me satisfied, I would be happy. It is not about the earning, it is all about the achievement that students will gain. This spirit is what always has in every teacher. Teaching.
I will cope well with changes and stay up-to-date. With this value, students will put a high expectation on me and they knew that I am a well knowledge person. Sometimes, we had to act like the smartest person on the world. The students will think that we are an awesome person and they will respect us. They also afraid to make fool with us, because they knew that we are an all-knowing person. As time turns, the people become smarter. If you said that nowadays children is the worst, the future must be more terrible than today. So, we must stay to make a change from day to day. Make sure that they will gain a victory.
There are actually more characteristics of teacher that I will be. But I want to stop it just right here. It is because I do really have too much list to be written. But, I knew that time will change. I will never know what type of teacher I will be soon. I promise, I will stick to my listed note as the guidance. While teaching is a gift that comes quite naturally for some, others have to work overtime to achieve great teacher status. Yet the payoff is enormous — for both you and your students. Imagine students thinking of you when they remember that great teacher they had in school!
Yes. I’m not a teacher, but I dreamed to be a teacher. I can see that some teachers forgot about – why they becoming a teacher? And I will be in the field to show the world that a valuable teacher should exist in this world.  I might not be the best teacher, but I will tell the world that teacher is the most important element in building excellence. It is not a wrong thing to build a dream, right? Now, I keep holding a word – lift your dream to the highest stake, a dream that crushed could make the whole future doom. So now, I will live my dream and bring it to reality.

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